All lawyers and law firms are ultimately judged on the results we produce for their clients. One of the best indicators of what a law firm can do for its potential clients are the results that it has achieved for past clients. Below are a few of our notable case results:


$200K Settled in Trail - Virginia Beach Circuit Court

$150K  Pedestrian - Brain Injury - Disputed Liability -  Accomack County Circuit Court


$300K Severe Automobile Accident Settled in Mediation


$330K Serve Automobile Accident - Multiple Surgeries - Verdict Norfolk Circuit Cour


$460K Settlement in Mediation Involving a John Doe Driver - Multiple Surgeries - Virginia Beach Circuit Court


$575K Complex Brain Injury Case Involving Tractor Trailer - Settlement in Mediation - Norfolk Circuit Court


200K Verdict in Norfolk Circuit Court - John Doe Drive - Disputed Liability