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  • Wayne Williams

Why Dash Cams Can Make All the Difference!

Dash cams can provide invaluable information for many situations. Along with providing evidence in case of an accident and helping drivers improve their skills, Dash Cams can serve an important purpose while a car is parked. These cameras can be set to turn on when motion is detected around your vehicle, recording attempted break-ins, vandalism, or hit and run incidents.

They are also extremely affordable, most ranging under $100. However, if you are still on the fence about purchasing one, here are some dash cam benefits to consider when making your decision.

You Have First-Hand Evidence of a Vehicle Accident

As stated in the name, a Dash Cam is a camera that will record all actions around your vehicle while driving. When accidents happen, the driver at fault may attempt to deflect the blame away from themselves and pin it on the innocent driver. When there is no evidence of what actually happened, these types of situations can be very difficult to decipher. A Dash Cam will provide you with video evidence reassurance of the truth in the event scenarios like this occur. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Since they are often difficult to recall in detail, having a Dash Cam handy can make this type of situation much easier.

Avoid Receiving a Ticket

If you’re stopped for a traffic violation that you did not commit, you might have the opportunity to provide footage from your dash cam to the law enforcement officer before the ticket is written. If the officer won’t watch it, you can bring the footage to court to challenge the ticket.

Capture Unexpected Events That Can Cause Damage or an Accident

Dash cams have captured some unexpected moments in history like meteors in Russia which has the highest number of dashboard camera usage according to statistics. Dash cams can also capture accidents on highways or other roads and provide more reliable proof than other road users. Most of the online videos that feature accidents or other abnormal activity on roads are usually from dash cams.

Improve Driving Record or Any Teen Drivers in the House?

In terms of driving improvement, those who practice unsafe driving are not the only ones who can learn from the footage taken by a Dash Cam. Being able to watch back footage of your driving is a great way to improve your presence behind the wheel. Dash Cams begin recording when you start driving, so when you’re finished for the day or week, you can sit down and review your footage to see how you drive. You might notice nuances that you hadn’t while on the road, like driving too closely behind or braking too late. The best way to improve upon anything in life is to recognize your weaknesses and build upon them; Dash Cams allow professional drivers to do just that.

Drivers under the age of 25-years-old have some of the highest car insurance rates due to lack of experience and a higher tendency to be involved in an accident. Whatever you can do to keep your young driver from getting in an accident is well worth the effort.

Review the dash cam footage and see what your child can do better and take them out to practice those skills. And, a two-way dash cam or multiple dash cameras can not only help you see how your teen is driving but what is going on inside of the vehicle. Are they paying attention to the road, or instead, is he texting or being distracted in other ways? This information can make all the difference in training your teen on how to be a safer and more skilled driver.

Security Monitoring for Your Unattended Vehicle

Many dash cams have an option that allows you to turn it on standby, which permits the camera to turn on if motion is detected in or around your car. It is also beneficial if someone breaks into your vehicle or hits your parked car and leaves the scene. You might have footage to help locate the individual. This footage will also be helpful to present to your insurance company that once again may help with your claim and keep your rate from increasing.

The Clear Conclusion

Having a dash cam comes with more advantages than disadvantages to vehicle owners. Dash cams are a great way to protect yourself, your family, and your vehicle. They are easy to install, simple to use, and the cost is small in comparison to the multitude of benefits it can provide you, including peace of mind! These are the reasons why for many buying a dash cam is the way to go!


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