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  • Wayne Williams

Avoid Accidents During the Pandemic: Staying Safe on the Road!

No one wants to visit the emergency room or wind up in the hospital due to an accident, during this pandemic. It could put you at risk for contracting COVID-19. So, it is important to keep in mind while traveling to and from essential work and errands that you are focused while driving our vehicle. Distracted driving can cause a major accident even under normal conditions. We want to help you stay focused and avoid any issues. 

Like many events due to COVID-19, April’s Distracted Driving Awareness month has been postponed by the National Safety Council.  However, people are still out on the roads traveling to their essential jobs and other necessary functions.  Mapp, Mapp, & Klein knows that distracted driving awareness is something that should be practiced every day and especially during this pandemic. A very important point to remember is that talking on a cell phone – even hands-free – diverts your attention away from driving.  On a typical day, more than 700 people are injured in distracted driving crashes. The bottom line is that anything that takes your eyes off the road for even a few seconds can cause a deadly accident. Here are some great tips from the National Safety Council to help keep you focused on the road:

  • Program your phone and electronics like GPS or direction apps before you start driving.

  • Don’t interact with your electronics and phone even when sitting at red lights or stop signs because it takes your brain some time to return its focus to the road.

  • Keep in mind that voice-to-text is not safer because it may distract you longer than texting.

  • Most importantly, your life is worth more than any call, text or playlist and nothing is more important than getting to your destination safely.

If you are involved in an accident due to a distracted driver and have been seriously injured Mapp, Mapp, & Klein has extensive experience with accidents of this nature.  When you contact our team. you will speak directly to a lawyer that can help you. We provide personal attention combined with extensive experience.  We have worked in the insurance industry and now work representing the injured. Our attorneys will fight for your rights and just compensation! From the shore! For the shore and ready to serve you! Call us at 757-787-8900!

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