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Real Estate Law


Nick Klein has handled real estate settlements for properties on the Eastern Shore of Virginia for buyers, sellers, lenders and real estate agents for the past 35 years. He closes sales, purchases and loans in a prompt and efficient manner for all types of real estate including:

  • Single-family residential properties

  • Multi-family residential properties

  • Commercial properties

  • Industrial properties

  • Short sales

  • Foreclosures

  • Leases




When buying or selling a property in Virginia, it’s vital to have a Virginia real estate attorney to negotiate, examine, or draft your sale or purchase agreements as well as advise you on proper zoning and land use regulations in effect. Nick uses his extensive knowledge in the real estate field to properly review all title and ownership issues himself, not subcontracting the work out to other title examiners who lack experience.

Nick also has significant experience with real estate easements, including conservation easements. Certain qualified conservation easements or outright donations of real estate in the Commonwealth of Virginia can produce income tax credits (land preservation credits) which can be used to offset your Virginia income tax liability dollar-for-dollar. These credits can also be sold to others, usually at a discount, creating a marketplace for buyers and sellers in Virginia. Contact Nick today to discuss your options for maximizing a potential conservation easement or donation of real estate to a qualifying charity and let him help you every step of the way.

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